Maximising the space under the staircase

If you live in a classic Victorian house, I am sure you have asked yourself about what should I do with the space under my staircase, it seems like such a waste of a good area?

Even the Potter family had the same question in mind and they came up with a solution!

We all know that wasn't ideal, however time changes and here are some creative ideas of how to make the most of that "dead" space under the stairs.

Hang your bike!

This is a really nice solution for all those bikers, especially those who don't necessarily have a garage which is quite common in London. Many don't want to leave their bikes outside all night as they are likely to get stolen and it can be inconvenient to have the bikes in the hallway.


Work desk

For those people who either work from home or like an area to be able to sit at their laptops or pc's, this can be a lovely space to check your emails not stuck in a typical office or taking up space in a valuable spare bedroom.


Hidden loo

It is always great to have an extra loo in a busy family home! As well as being easily accessible for those downstairs, it's also a great use of the space to add value to your home.


Increase your storage

Have you ever thought about how many pairs of shoes can you store under the staircase? This is a great way to store all those extras for your household and the accessories from your closet.


Kid cave

Cosy space for your kids to let them run with their imagination for playtime. This can be used as a den, area to build a playhouse or just a simple extra space for puzzles and board games.

kid 2_1



Informal reading and book shelves

It's an idea space to locate a small library, a squishy sofa or chairs and sit down for some quiet time with your favourite books, this is also a great idea for those bed time stories with the children, or a great escape for those wanting some quiet time.



Wine Cellar

For those fans of keeping their wine in a cellar but not having the extra room to store it in, this is a great way of not only storing but of showing off the collection that you have.


Pet House

For those animal lovers who want to pamper their pets a little further, this a great idea of using the under stairs to create a space just for them, it may even be that you want an area for them to be able to go for sleep time that doesn't involve the rooms upstairs.


This has highlighted just a few of the many options that you have for that extra unused space within the stairs and underneath. Hopefully this will inspire some ideas for your own home that can be used now or in future plans.

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