Open plan living space

Those that live in London will be aware of how important it is to maximise the space available to you. Where it is not always possible to add space by building a basement or a pod, combining 'living' space is a fantastic way to transform a property. A rear extension, if possible, can also enhance this space to provide an internal to external connection. Every square metre is of value in London, so merging kitchen and living space is a positive step forward to providing a greater sense of space.


The benefit of having one open kitchen/living space is that it can be so flexible. You are not confined, especially if you are entertaining. By integrating the two, there is a greater flow between spaces, which means that you are able to talk with your guests whilst preparing food/drinks at the same time. Time is not always on our side, so the ability to be able to avoid the preparation beforehand and integrate it with entertaining your guests makes the experience more interactive and enjoyable for both host and guests. Trinity Road, built by BTL, is a great example of this.


Designed by ADE Architecture, Built by BTL Property


Designed by ADE Architecture, Built by BTL Property

Family Time

An open plan living space can also be favourable for growing families. A large flexible space offers uninterrupted lines of sight, valuable for those with children as they are able to keep an eye on them. The main attraction of an open plan space for many is being able to be in the same room as their family, but not restricted in what they can do. Open plan space encourages social living and brings the family together, allowing them to do different activities in the same space at once.

For those that are still fond of the idea of having a more formal living/dining area, it is possible to sub-divide the space without putting in specific rooms. Implementing interior design techniques to sub-divide the space subtlety means that a formal ambiance can still be created whilst keeping the space open. This approach is beneficial as it will make the property easier to sell in the future, provide better ventilation and optimise natural light. Roland Gardens, shown below, shows how this difference in spaces can be created.


Designed by Granit Architecture, Built by BTL Property


Designed by Granit Architecture, Built by BTL Property

Natural Light and Ventilation

One of the main benefits of open plan spaces is the levels of natural light and improved ventilation. The more light entering the room, the larger and grander it will feel. This light can enter through roof lights, glazed doors and windows. In the summer months, the opening of these will improve air flow and ventilation throughout the property. Wandsworth Common Westside, shown below, shows how an open plan space can be transformed as a result of natural light.


Designed by Granit Architecture, Built by BTL Property

Entertaining, improved sociable living and improved natural light and ventilation are all incentives to create an open plan living space, but ultimately, when it comes to selling your property, an open plan space is much more versatile which is favourable.


Sketch drawn by Monika Kielbowska, BTL Property


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