Staircases in Architecture

Throughout architectural history, the staircase has been an important element which is the backbone to the space in our homes and generates a great opportunity to create a grand design feature. Nowadays, this transitional space has plenty of options for designers to play with and has become the main element to make a huge difference in your new home design.

One of the great examples is the cantilever floating staircase which is one of the most unique solutions in residential projects. Due to the fact that it doesn't need any kind of support underneath, this staircase provides an open vision through the steps as well as generating the feeling of an open and bigger space.


The simplicity of the design generates an invisible staircase, which provides a visual connection with the garden


Studioata -

The Mezzanine space connected with a levitating staircase. The wooden work top creates a contrast between materials


CAS architecten- Patio house -

The election of a cantilever staircase increases the amount of light in the lower ground floor extension.

This amazing floating feeling is formed by a hidden structural beam located in the wall which provides the required support for the overhanging steps. The steel plates for each step are covered with wooden cladding which can match the existing floor finish.


08023 Architects - Casa E

The current industry can provide endless materials and finish options with the only limitation being your imagination. The specifications of the risers, balustrades, handrails, fixings and lighting are the main points to pay attention in order to transform a normal staircase into a sculpture.



Bruno Vanbesien - Wooden house.


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