AV in the Garden - Speakers and Screens

With the better weather finally on the way, the garden is going to start becoming a major focal point of the house. We all like to spend as much time as possible outdoors during the summer months and nothing beats the enjoyment of listening to your favourite music tracks in your outdoor garden with your friends or family guests. You could even watch a film or a big sporting event too!

So how do you do achieve this? Well there are a couple of ways to add the garden as an audio zone of your property. Simply, you can either go for a portable speaker or you can have fixed wired speakers.


The portable option is great if you don't have the appetite or opportunity to run the necessary cables back into your house. In short you don't need anything apart from the speaker itself and a source, usually an iPhone, to transmit the music via Bluetooth

A really great Bluetooth speaker is the Bose Soundlink Mini ii. For its cost of around £160 you get a lot of bang for your buck. Its design, as you would expect from Bose, is elegant yet it is very durable plus most importantly the sound it delivers is truly impressive for such a small speaker. Furthermore, with 10 hours of battery life, it should be able to keep going even when the sun goes down!


A slightly more expensive option at £200 would be a Sonos Play1. Although not truly portable, as it requires mains power, you still can connect the music source wirelessly via app. What it lacks in portability it does make up in scalability, as it is designed to incorporate multiple speakers onto the same network if a single speaker won't do the job.



If you do have the opportunity then you should seriously consider wiring for external speakers. There are a great variety of outdoor speakers which produce very high quality sound and by positioning them correctly you can create a really superb audio zone, much more so than using portable options. The other advantage of these speakers is that they are designed to be outside and to cope with the elements so once they are fitted you can forget about them.

For your classic outdoor speaker we would recommend using the Bowers and Wilkins AM1s. As with all Bowers and Wilkins speakers the sound is first-class and although sizeable they are designed to be sleek and will fit in to most environments.


The other cool option for garden speakers is to hide them. Sonance do some really great 'Rock' speakers which are designed to blend in to their surroundings and very much be heard and not seen. Even though they do not look like your normal speaker they perform very well and if required can deliver much more than back ground music.


Exterior TV screens

What could be better than turning your garden into an open air cinema! This may seem far fetched but fortunately that dream is not that difficult to achieve. What we cannot do is put any old TV into the garden, as not only do they disagree with bad weather, but the screen would not be able to cope with the amount of light being dumped onto the screen. (We all know what happens when we get sun glares onto the TV screen, it makes it almost impossible to see the picture.) As such, we need to use a specialist TV whose brightness levels are much superior to those of indoor TV and can cope with all weather conditions, even snow!


Make and Model: Sunbrite SB-4670HD

There are plenty of manufacturers out there who specialise in just this and one of the top brands out there is VideoTree, whose outdoor screens are not only stylish but deliver the bright high quality picture required for outdoor use.

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