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It has become clear that everyone would love a little more space whether it's for a piece of tranquillity in a quiet area, a bit of guy time with your mates in the ultimate mancave every guy dreams of having, or utilising your garden to create a calm outdoor office whether to avoid additional rent charges or even distractions or for that bit of sanity when the kids have taken over your own home. Traditionally sheds in the garden have been used as storage for tools and garden equipment, but there are so many more exciting possibilities to create that dream space without having the worry about permanent structures.

Whether your dream is to have that quiet office space or awesome man cave, there are many designs and options available today in the way of a non-permanent garden building that can suit your needs. Garden buildings are considered to be permitted development and do NOT require planning permission as long as the building is to be placed less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property, with a maximum overall height of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level and does not go over 25m2.


Types of Sheds:

Metal Shed - Metal sheds made from either aluminium or galvanised steel are usually coated in a baked-enamel finish. This coating helps to prevent scratches and rust and renders the shed rugged-weatherproof and durable (and it helps that it comes in a variety of colours, too)


Vinyl Shed - A vinyl shed is a happy shed-think snug, solid construction, secure steel doors and rust resistance. Most are built with double-wall vinyl panels, which resist dents and rot (they don't peel, either). Their durability may come at a price, but will likely pay for itself over time.


Plastic Sheds - Plastic is affordable, cost-effective and easy to move around, making plastic sheds a convenient choice for renters or highly-mobile families. Keep in mind that plastic sheds are lighter than metal or wooden ones, so they'll need to be anchored down in order to have protection against high winds.


Wooden Sheds - Ah, good old wood. When you think of a shed, it's typically made of a softwood (pine or redwood, spruce, Douglas fir or even cedar). Wood has a number of lovely qualities, it's highly customisable- or perhaps who wants a skylight? Or a turret? How about a 6x4 potting shed now and an addition of a summerhouse a few years down the line? It's all within the realm of possibility when working with wood, plus it stays warm in cold weather if you're already two steps ahead and thinking about insulation.



Easy ready made sheds can be as easy as choosing it from B&Q and it having it delivered preassembled find out more at :

Some things to think about before you start:

Do some planning, what do you want the space for?

How much space do you require?

How much are you willing to spend?

How & Who will you have it built by, is the location accessible?

Furnishings & Design?

Decoration ideas

Ensure materials are suitable for the environment

Ensure insulation is considered

Ensure electrical works are done by others if you are not certified

Ensure your drainage requirements are planned

Ensure you utilise energy efficient & renewable materials

Ensure concrete mix is correct ratio for the foundation

Ensure health and safety at all times!!!

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Outside storage space - Sheds Outside storage space - Sheds