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Gone are the days when a discussion, or in this case a blog post, about internal wall finishes would go no further than listing the various pros and cons of paint vs wallpaper finishes. This is the 21st Century and as technologies are advancing all around us, so too are the variety of finishes available to the residential market.

When interior designers first started straying from the traditional finishes they began incorporating materials such as timber, exposed bricks and glass panels. These make an impressive visual impact and when used correctly, can completely change the look and feel of the space. These finishes are extremely popular and it's not hard to see why when viewing the image below. This is taken at one of our Wandsworth Common Projects where the architect was Granit Chartered Architects.


As technologies have advanced, so has the product range available for wall finishes to the residential market. There are now a wide range of products which can not only increase the visual impact of a space, but also have far superior performance qualities which are largely due to technological advancements. Examples of such products are polished plasters and resin wall finishes which are seeing an upturn in their frequency of use in residential projects.

The use of polished plaster has steadily grown in the residential market as it becomes more readily available and the number of skilled tradesman who can work with the product rises. As a product, polished plaster can actually be traced back to over 2000 years ago in ancient Rome however, with the uptake of modern materials and advancement in application techniques, polished plaster is gaining in popularity once again.

Polished plaster can be manufactured with an endless array of finishes. Companies such as Armour coat and Viero are leading the way within the residential market. Below are a few images of polished plaster finishes and applications:


Armour coat - Polished Plaster -


Viero - Architects Book -


Viero - Grey Book -

Resin wall finishes, like polished plaster, are gaining in popularity as they offer a truly versatile product which can be bespoke produced for each application. Another reason they have gained in popularity is that due to its waterproof properties, it is often used as a stylish alternative to tiles in areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms, spas and kitchens.

With companies such as Sphere8, based in West London, offering bespoke materials and high end installation services, resin walls are gaining in popularity throughout the house as the images below show:


Sphere8 -


Sphere8 -

As the use of these materials continues to grow in popularity they may one day become the paint and wall paper finishes of the future.

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