Interior Designs 5 Layers of Lighting

When working through your lighting design we believe there are 5 important factors to consider in order to create a varied and dynamic space as well as create different moods to suit any occasion. We like to think of these as different lighting layers.

1. Task lighting

To be used during your day-to-day activities, task lighting is usually made up of downlights, stair lights and reading lights. This is an important layer to start with when working on your lighting design and although wont be the main talking point will light up walkways, worktops, stairs and open spaces.

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Picture credit - EcoLED lighting supply

2. Ambient lighting

We fell the best way to create ambient lighting is with the placement of downlights or wall lights. When carefully considered a row of wall lights with a narrow up-down beam can wash a feature wall beautifully. Alternatively placing a row of directional downlights about 400mm away from the wall can create silhouettes of light and dark across your wall.

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ZEP 6 Eyeconic adjustable light - EcoLed

3. Accent

Creating accents within a room, especially in large open plan spaces, can be done so with the use of LED tape (a BTL favourite). Whether you choose to line the inside of a coffered ceiling or highlight the shadow gap between the tops of your kitchen cabinets, this layer of lighting will create drama in a simple and effective way.

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Taylor Howes - Pinterest

4. Decorative

Our forth layer allows for a bit of style and individuality. Floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights, although tend to be left to the end of the project, they are an important part of your lighting design and should be considered at an early stage. In an open plan space a corner of the room can become a space in its own right by placing a floor standing lamp near a cozy armchair.

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5. Statement

Statement lighting can come in all shapes and sizes but the key is to create a focal point in the room. I great way to do this is to bring a new finish or colour into the existing scheme like a touch of brass like in the image below.

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Source: Pinterest

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