Interior Designs Top 5 - Kitchen Island Pendants

It seems that with the growing popularity of a kitchen island comes the importance of what hangs over it. The three drop pendant configuration has become a common theme but one in which is timeless. With the growing popularity comes a wealth of choice and therefore can become the hardest decision in your new kitchen refurb! Our top 5 this month offers a range of styles and finishes that should help to inspire.

Supplier: CTO Lighting


These stunning 'Mezzo' glass pendants challenges the idea that your pendants must be large to be grand. Playing with the concept of proportions is an important thing to keep in mind when picking your perfect over island pendants.

Supplier: Original BTC


Emulating the weightlessness and delicacy of paper, the Hatton pendants by Original BTC are in fact hand crafted from bone china by highly skilled tradesmen.

Their sculptural form and translucent surface make them a beautifully modest trio, perfect for creating ambient lighting above any dining room table.

Supplier: Original BTC


The versatile Stanley Pendant in hammered copper can work with modern kitchens, or those with a more traditional look. Brighten up your kitchen by lining them up above your kitchen island. Available in seven different finishes - but this hammered copper one is our favourite!

Supplier: Visual comfort


This Yoke Pendant in antique nickel is a classic. Works best over a traditionally styled kitchen island, but will bring a classic edge above a modern dining table.

Supplier: Pooky;pendant_colour_config:IRONAS__506


The beauty of the thrice hung pendant is that they can truly set the tone of the room.

These 'Coolie Hat' metallic pendants, by Pooky, have a hint of the industrial and, hung at low level, could give your dining table that vintage snooker hall feel.

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