Ways to Enhance Natural Light through Interiors

Paint Colours

The level of natural light in your living space can really affect your mood which can be enhanced greatly by the choice of paint you choose to incorporate.

One way of doing this is to keep your floors and ceilings light. This can be done simply by picking out a light coloured tile or wood floor, but for a quick solution to an already existing product, you can opt for paint. A simple white wash helps to lift the whole room to a space that would have looked a lot darker without this effect.

The clever use of paint can also be incorporated within your joinery choices, whether they be bespoke or shop bought. You can simply choose a light paint option, for your kitchen cabinets for example but if you prefer darker joinery pieces you can chose a gloss finish to your paint or alternatively counter

act the dark joinery with a lighter, glossy worktop.



Rather than dress a large window with heavy fabric, introduce a lightweight and airy sheer that will fill the room with daylight, while still providing privacy. In order to create a more luxurious setting, the use of tactile silks or fabrics with metallic accents will reflect light in varying degrees throughout the day.

The use of fabrics elsewhere in the room can be a good way of playing with light and shade. The two-tone grey of these upholstered dining chairs makes clever use of the rooms' lighting "hot-spots", with a softer shade on the top and darker tone underneath. Combined with their dark stained legs, they are a great example of colour blocking.


Decorative Fittings

Reflective surfaces are a great way to maximize natural light in your home, and can be a more playful way to do so.

A trio of polished chrome pendants, hung beneath a roof light, will playfully bounce light around a room, whilst the use of copper or brass can help to warm up a space that might otherwise feel quite sterile.

Alternatively, the strategic placement of a mirror, directly across from a window, can dramatically enhance the feeling of natural light. This not only increases the feeling of sunlight but can also reflect a beautiful view.

Glass doors in a small hallway, for example, allows light to flow freely from room to room not only enhancing sunlight but also making a dark unwelcoming corridor into an inviting entrance hall.


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